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关于离离草 Chinese Artists and Organizers (CAO) Collective

离离草艺术小组 Chinese Artists and Organizers (CAO) Collective 通过集体艺术创作赋能及疗愈社区。我们扎根于中国、华语离散社群及多重边缘的身体经验中,为多元、幽微的叙事创造空间。


Chinese Artists and Organizers (CAO) Collective 离离草 creates art to empower relational community healing. We make space for nuanced narratives rooted in China, the Sinophone diaspora, and other experiences from the margins. As cultural organizers, we explore social justice-oriented theorizing and narrativizing through communal and processual art practices. Our interdisciplinary praxis interweaves collective poetry, performance, food art, clay, sound, and installation. We reimagine memory/memorials, rituals, intimacy, and queer/feminist kinship to (re)build sustainable community infrastructures.

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